Jake: Linda, this is Marti. He is from Canada.
Linda: Nice to meet you. I’m Linda Mandel. I come from Brazil.
Marti: Oh, hello. And what’s your last name, again?
Linda: Mandel, M-A-N-D-E-L.
Marti: What do you study here, Linda?
Linda: I study Business.


A: Hi, I’m Joseph Block from Finland. Please call me Joe.
B: Hello, Joe. What’s your last name again?
A: It’s Block, B-L-O-C-K.
B: What are you studying now?
A: Engineering.
B: Oh, Engineering. That sounds interesting.


Secretary: OK, Ms. Maclain. Let me just check this information; Is your first name spelled E-L-L-E-N?
Elena: No. My first name is Elena. It’s spelled E-L-E-N-A.
Secretary: OK, thanks. And you are from Brazil, correct?
Elena: No, I’m not from Brazil. Fm from Mexico.
Secretary: Oh, sorry. Mexico. But you are studying English, right?
Elena: Yes. That’s right.