Sóki Szilvia
When I decided to try a new way of improving my English with a help of an online teacher, I was looking for somebody who really likes teaching and passionate about his job. I had a chance to meet Aron nearly two years ago so we have had quite a long term student-teacher relationship now. At the beginning he proposed several learning methods and we tested together what the most efficient way was to boost my English knowledge. With his help I haven’t obtained an immediate result but gradually, month after month, I was getting better and making a remarkable progress. Now I have no difficulty expressing complex ideas or make an impromptu speech in English. He meets my expectations and special requirements (ex.: to work more on pronunciation) and is open to constructive criticism. Available and helpful, he takes his job really seriously. He has always a positive attitude with the ability to find the positive points even in a negative situation and see the bright side of things with a good sense of humor. Without his help, I’m bound to have abandoned learning English on a regular basic. He encourages me every time to do my best. I recommend eveyone to work with him: I’m sure you will make you achieve a good progress, of course, for that you must work hard and not only during the lessons (as he regularly gives homework that is checked).