Listen to the conversations and answer the questions.


A: Hi, Linda. I’m Joseph Miller. Everyone calls me Joe.
B: Nice to meet you, Joe. And what’s your last name again?
A: It’s Miller. It is spelt M-I-L-L-E-R.
B: Thanks.


A: Hello, my name is Maria Tanaka and I’m from the United States.
B: Sorry, what’s your name again?
A: OK, my first name is Maria. It’s spelled M-A-R-I-A. And my last name is spelled T-A-N-A-K-A.
B: Thank you, Maria.


A: Joe, this is my friend Sarah Green from France.
B: Excuse me, what is her name?
A: Sarah, S-A-R-A-H, and her last name is spelt G-R-E-E-N.
B: Thank you. Sarah, you are welcome to the class.


A: OK, Ms. Smith. Let me just check this information. Is your first name spelt E-L-L-E-N?
B: No, it’s not. My first name is Elena.
A: Could you spell your first name for me?
B: It’s spelt E-L-E-N-A.
A: OK. Thank you, Elena. ‘


A: Hi, Steve. How’s everything?
B: Not bad. How about you?
A: Pretty good, thanks. What’s that in your hand?
B: A picture from my computer.
A: Can I have a look?
B: Sure, here you are.
A: Who is the man in the middle?
B: He is my friend, Paulo.
A: Is he from Mexico?
B: No, he is from Brazil.
A: Sorry, where is he from?
B: He comes from Brazil, B-R-A-Z-I-L.
A: I see, so he is Brazilian. He looks Mexican.